Bachelor of Arts and Sciences in Financial Technology [BASc(FinTech)]

The BASc(FinTech) degree is designed to nurture financial technologists and entrepreneurs with essential knowledge in both finance and technology, so they can take leading roles in innovation and applications of financial technology.

An emerging interdisciplinary area with very high impact on the economy of every society, this programme combines computing, finance, and policies and regulations to give students a thorough grounding in FinTech.

The programme consists of foundation courses in mathematics, statistics, finance, computing and law, as well as courses in:

• FinTech (distributed ledger and blockchain technology, big data and data mining, computational finance and algorithmic trading, e-payment and crypto-currency, financial programming and databases, and mathematical finance etc.); and

• Arts and social sciences (training students to have a broader mindset and allowing them to apply their knowledge and skills adaptively and creatively in this fastgrowing discipline). This programme prepares graduates with knowledge in both finance and technology, allowing them to have a broad career pathway as they could take up positions in FinTech industry, finance and IT industries.

Summary of Curriculum Structure

The curriculum comprises 240 credits of courses as follows:

Course Categories

No. of credits

UG5 Requirements


BASc Requirements


Discipline Core Course


Discipline Elective Courses


Capstone Experience






A Discipline Core course is a compulsory course which a candidate must pass in the manner provided for in the Regulations.

A Discipline Elective course refers to any course offered by the Faculty of Engineering or the Faculty of Business and Economics for the fulfillment of the curriculum requirements of the degree of BASc in Financial Technology that are not classified as discipline core course.